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The Night Vision Goggles are made with a state-of-the-art projection system with a comfortable viewing monitor. With over 6 hours of viewing held on one charge, your experience is like none you’ve ever had before. The night vision goggles are able to view up to 110 yards with options of 2x & 3x magnification.

Night vision Goggles


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Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have accessories such as GPS and a camera that allow the customer to know the exact location of their drone. The brushless motors allow the product to change speed quickly, maneuver around objects, and have a flying range of over one mile. With the built in landing gear, there is no need to worry about a rough landing. Consumers can use this prone as a hobby or as a guide in their work and daily life. Drones allow consumers to have a bird eyes view of any location, explore unreachable places, and view all kinds of landscapes.

Apollo Drone


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The laser alarm is an eight ounce, portable, battery powered alarm that is triggered when an object moves through the laser. With its compact size and powerful laser, it is the perfect product for security: one can hide the laser alarm in almost any location. Not to mention, the alarm works just as well underwater due to the waterproof feature and high tech laser. Lastly, the bluetooth feature allows notifications to send to one’s very own phone in the case of an emergency.

Laser Alarm