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The brand-new stealth bike is nothing like you’ve ever seen on the road before. With its sleek design, it will turn your daily commute into a fast, efficient, and heart pumping adventure. No more countless hours spent sitting in a car, bus, train, or tram. You can now free yourself from that daily grind and gracefully live the spy life.

Stealth Bike


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The bullet proof vest is a personal armor that helps absorb the impact and stop penetration from danger. Through it’s comfort and convenience, the consumer wouldn't have to feel it as a burden and more of a safety obstacle. With it being perfectly adapted under clothes, people wouldn’t suspect a thing as you go about your daily life. No matter the situation or location, the materials allow this product waterproof and military-supported, which shows that this is the real deal.

Bullet Proof Vest


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Staying stealthy is healthy. Now, you can go unnoticed in our brand new ghillie suit with our revolutionary new technology!

Ghillie Suit


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The spy watch contains technological aspects that no other watch has. By providing an HD 1080P camera with 120 mins of recording in a small fitness bracelet watch, no one would be able to suspect a thing as you snoop around, recording things in their actions. In addition, along with the HD camera, the high light-sensitive lens allow the spy to work in low-light environments, letting the spy have the best opportunities to succeed in their mission.

Spy Watch